IP stands for internet protocol. IP cameras use network cable and provide a good solution for projects that require a large number of cameras. IP cameras have higher resolutions than standard analog cameras and provide sharp images at higher resolutions. IP cameras use Ethernet cable to transmit power, video and data. Some downsides of IP cameras is that they require a complex network infrastructure and are very pricey compared to TVI and AHD cameras. IP cameras are increasingly being used in surveillance circuit electronics, where they are replacing traditional CCTV cameras. They can be either wired or wireless, cutting the cost and maintenance required for regular cameras used in a CCTV surveillance circuit. IP cameras tend to capture better quality images, which is especially helpful in the case of moving targets, as frame rates can be adjusted according to the bandwidth provided. They support two-way communication and hence can send customized alert signals in case of suspicious activity or other predefined occurrences. Hundreds of gigabytes of video and image data can be stored in video servers, which can be retrieved at any time.


IP CCTV Camera

An Internet Protocol Camera, commonly referred to as an IP camera, is a digital video camera much like a webcam, which transmits and receives data over a network or the internet. Unlike an ordinary webcam it is a standalone unit with its own IP address that requires nothing more than a network connection in order to transfer images. The IP camera connects to a network in exactly the same way as any other standard network device such as a laptop, tablet or printer.


CP Plus IP Camera

CP PLUS offers a wide range of network/ IP security camera systems for offices and homes. Our IP solutions comprise of HD network cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), video management software, and related accessories.IP surveillance opens up infinite capabilities, making security effective & efficient. Unlike analog cameras & DVRs, IP video surveillance equipment work over the internet, which makes them tamper proof and hence, more reliable. CP PLUS offers a wide range of network cameras for home and office security.


Bullet IP Camera

A bullet camera is a small camera designed for security applications. The name comes from the small size of these cameras resembling bullets. The camera is typically connected to a surveillance system. These cameras allow businesses and individuals to monitor their property for suspicious activity. Their small size makes them easy to conceal.Bullet IR cameras, also known as infrared bullet cameras, are CCTV Camera Pros most popular camera style. All IR bullets that we supply are weatherproof so that they can be used for indoor or outdoor video surveillance.