EZVIZ Smart Home Smart Life

EZVIZ, a global smart home security brand, is the consumer and residentially-focused subsidiary of Hikvision. EZVIZ creates a safe, convenient and smart life for users through its intelligent devices, cloud-based platform and AI technology. The innovative products and services from EZVIZ can be applied to home, workplaces, stores, schools, etc. EZVIZ empowers partners to share our unique cloud services and together we build a thriving IoT ecosystem.Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, EZVIZ Cloud can connect you to your EZVIZ intelligent devices with EZVIZ Cloud. Enjoy our free basic cloud services anytime, anywhere and control everything from a single dashboard.



This is where smart home security meets sharp night vision. Designed for simple and quick installation, the C1C’s super night vision safeguards every corner – even in places without illumination.Get better night vision at increased distances with the C1C and enjoy round-the-clock protection. The advanced infrared LED lights along with an upgraded optical configuration means that even in dim light, you can still see up to 12 meters (40 ft.).Talk to your loved ones and deter unwelcome strangers – all by using the C1C’s two-way communication feature. Using the EZVIZ App on your mobile device, you can easily and conveniently enjoy communication wherever you might be.EZVIZ app interface images are for illustrative purposes only.



With an IP66-rated weatherproof design, the C3C is a reliable and durable guard that can protect you in all types of weather.The C3C watches for movement, it will take a picture and send an alert to your smartphone whenever motion is detected.With self-adaptive bit rate and video storage enabled by Smart H.264 Technology, the C3C reduces bandwidth and improves storage efficiency.The C3C supports a wired network connection as well as a Wi-Fi option, freeing you from the hassle of dealing with cables.Intelligent dynamic video mode enables the C3C to record event-triggered videos to local storage or the cloud, filtering out irrelevant videos to save you time.



The C6C (ez360) uses two powerful infrared lights for night vision up to 10 meters (depending on environment). Switches between day and night modes automatically.Designed as a pan-tilt Wi-Fi camera with panoramic viewing angles, the C6C (ez360) delivers a 360° horizontal field of view with smart tracking. Integrates with the EZVIZ alarm sensors to give your family 360° security.The C6C (ez360) keeps a lookout for you. Upon detection of movement, the C6C (ez360) automatically captures and tracks the motion while delivering notifications and video recordings in real time.The C6C (ez360) comes with screw-in base mounts and supports image flipping, allowing for table or ceiling installation depending on your needs.

Benefits of EZVIZ

There are many benefits of cloud storage for various industries, especially in the video surveillance industry with its enormous demand for data storage. Cloud storage offers businesses substantial scalability and a cost-effective strategy contributing to lower total costs of ownership, as well as accessibility and disaster recovery benefits.



Stored files can be accessed from any location over an open Internet connection. Compared to traditional DVRs or NVRs, stored video can only be accessed within the local area network (LAN), or via port mapping to related devices on the public network. As long as users can access the Internet they can access their data using cloud storage.


Disaster Recovery

An emergency backup plan is highly recommended for every enterprise. Cloud storage can be used for backup and disaster recovery, providing a second copy of important files. These files are stored at a remote location and also can be accessed over an Internet connection.


Cost Reduction

In contrast to the cost of purchasing traditional storage devices (DVRs, NVRs and other devices), cloud storage is paid for by demand, so there are no additional costs such as equipment purchases, equipment storage costs, and added personnel for professional operation and maintenance, and so on.